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ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 Utorrent




Q:What should be the default icon name for A: Developers can freely select the name that best describes their product. Esri suggests the following: The name should be as descriptive as possible, such as Web Map Service (.WMS), Web Feature Service (.WFS), Server-side Map Service (.SSMS), and Server-side Web Feature Service (.SSWFS). The easiest way to know the exact name of a feature server is to look at the URL that you type into the address bar of your browser when accessing the service. For example, to access the featureserver, you would type into the address bar. Q:Can you develop a service using only server-side code and not client-side code? A: If you do not use a client-side development framework such as JavaScript, you can still deploy a service. The maps in your service can still be used in your applications, but they will not display or be interactive. For example, your service can have a map that displays the location of a disease and buttons that enable users to send messages or call local officials. However, you cannot interact with the map to open a window or do other client-side functions. To get around this limitation, the map can be an image or a collection of images. When the service is accessed, the image is first retrieved from the server and displayed, and then the other functionality of your application is processed. Q:Is it possible to query features with arcpy and then render them in a map view? A: Yes. In ArcGIS for Desktop, you can query a feature service and obtain the geometry of the features from the query response using the arcpy.GetGeometry_management function and render the features in a map view. If you want to query and render features, ArcGIS for Desktop 10 has new and improved web map viewer in which features can be queried using ArcGIS Online. Q:Can features be read into a shapefile for use in geoprocessing tools? A: Yes. Features can be read into a shapefile for use in geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS. However, they cannot be edited or updated using the ArcGIS data model. Also, features can only be




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ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 Utorrent

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