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Coding in 2019

Children who start learning the fundamental concepts of coding today, will be well rewarded in a few years. Technology is taking over the world. From shopping malls having machines to accept payment for parking, to banks having robot helpers as you enter. There are so many areas in which technology is used to make things easier. It is scary, but it is also a reality.

The fundamental framework around which all this technology works, is code. Code is what makes the machine do whatever the machine does. From making a robot walk 10 steps forward, to the shop scanning a barcode and displaying a price.

Coding is the heart and soul of all technology. There are various ways (languages) in which technology can be coded or programmed, but the essence is that coding is becoming an ever increasing skill required for future generations.

If you, as a parent, have no idea how to code, that is ok. There are many resources available online for you to get a basic understanding of what this is all about.

Children who learn how to code (or at least the foundational concepts) also learn skills that help them academically and socially. These skills are problem solving, logical thinking, social skills as collaboration is a huge part of being a programmer and creativity.

Imagine having an idea and being able to bring it to fruition. Being able to make your technological idea a reality. With code, it is absolutely possible! All it requires is determination, hard work and a creative mind.

Get your children to learn how to code now. It is a good idea!

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