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What is Kids Coding?
Kids Coding is an extra curricular activity that caters for pre-school learners between the ages of 4 and 12. We introduce learners to the coding language and thought process.

Why do we believe this is important?
Various academic studies have been published regarding the future of the job market. An understanding of code is essential to almost all jobs that will exist in the future.

Is four too young to start?
No. We believe it is the perfect age to co-learn ABCs, 123s and the basics of what coding is. We teach through play using various tools developed by Harvard and MIT and focus on learning through doing.

I don't want my child to have even more screen time?
While there is a significant element of iPad screen time, it is surprisingly less than one would expect. Large chunks of our 40 minute lessons are spent playing with toys and solving puzzles that steers a child into the direction of thinking like a coder. Have a look at the video on our home page.

How large are classes?
In order to have effective individual learning, as well as developing a social dynamic, we limit our class size to 12 pupils.

Where are classes based?
We come to you. If the school your child is enrolled at is on our network, please check the time table and feel free to request an application form.

Do the children need to bring their own iPads?
No. We facilitate all learning materials as well as equipment.

How much are the fees?
R780 per term and R150 once off Registration fee.


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